Collection: Best for Hourglass Shape

People with the Hourglass shapes typically have:

  • Similar hips and shoulder width
  • Narrower waist relative to the rest of the body

Best Swimsuits for Hourglasses

Retro-inspired Pin-Up Looks

Wear retro-inspired swimsuits with belted or high waists to show off your naturally slim waistline

Wrap/Triangle Bikini Tops

A wrap-style bikini top creates a V-neckline, emphasizing the bust and drawing attention to the waist.

One-Pieces with Cutouts

Strategic cutouts are perfect for showcasing the hourglass shape by drawing attention to the waist

High Cut bottoms

High-cut bottoms elongate the legs and complements your hourglass figure by accentuating all your the natural curves.



Other Hourglasses just like you

Did you know that a great way to develop your style is to find celebrities who have your body type? Incorporate some of their looks into your wardrobe and you'll look like you've been professionally styled just like they have!

Here are some famous people with the Hourglass body type for you to check out!

  • Ini Edo
  • Mercy Johnson
  • Toolz
  • Sofia Vergara